When I booted the Dell Deployment Toolkit ISO for a few of my poweredge servers, I was given an error:

“apply_bundles.sh is invalid”

When you see this prompt, it’s necessary to re-mount the USB drive to continue using the toolkit.

Here’s what you can do to mount your USB drive properly so the installation can proceed:

1. Press <ALT>+<F2> to access a new console

2. Press <Enter> to access a command prompt

3. Type “lsblk” and press <Enter>

4. Look for the file system size that corresponds with the size of your USB Drive (for a 16GB, it said a bit over 14GB), make note of the device path

5. Type “mount /dev/<device path you found> /opt/dell/toolkit/systems” and press <Enter>

  • My flash drive was /dev/sdc1

6. Change directory to /opt/dell/toolkit/systems/drm_files

7. Type ./apply_bundles.sh and press <Enter>

8. The apply_bundles.sh script will start the update process.

I hope this helps you.

[ source: dell ]

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