Not that I use eSATA for any of my peripherals, but I noticed that some Synology models have eSATA ports where other models don’t.

Get this:

During a tear down of my DS416play, I discovered there’s an eSATA port on the USB 3 module.

I haven’t tested it and don’t have any expansion units to try this with. I would imagine the software has this port disabled, but maybe not.

I wonder about using any expansion units with the DS416play now.


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Digunderground · May 4, 2019 at 9:59 am

I just found the same while doing a 8bg ram upgrade. Wondering if its worth popping a hole in my case to access it with an e-sata drive cradle for faster backups. Info seems to be very sparse on this (your post is one of the only ones I found), If I find any info I’ll be sure to share – even if we are going on a year old post.

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