SNMP Monitoring your Synology device

You can gain valuable information from your Synology device with SNMP and a system such as OpenNMS or LibreNMS. I use NMS to monitor my switches, servers, and other critical infrastucture to keep an eye on everything in one place.


Here is how I enabled SNMP polling of my Synology DS416play:


Go To Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP

Click “SNMP” tab at the top of the window:

Check “Enable SNMP Service”

And populate your desired community string/device information.

For example I am using SNMP 1/2vc with community name TYLERMADECOMM and I have filled out some device information:


Reading the metrics:

After I added my NAS to LibreNMS, I let the NMS collect statistics for a few hours. Here are some of the metrics you can see:

Device and Traffic Information:

CPU, RAM, and Storage metrics:

HDD Temperatures, Fan status, Disk satus, RAID status, power status:

And it will even trigger a warning when there is an upgrade available for DSM

Thanks for reading!


aem · September 20, 2017 at 10:42 am


do you know what is the best way to monitor network / systems devices ?

I need to monitor several Synology NAS (more than 30).

Is a Synology NAS in capacity to assume the load (i will Dockerized a Nagios or Centreon or wahtelse VM).


    Tyler Woods · September 22, 2017 at 10:45 am

    LibreNMS and OpenNMS Horizon are both good free SNMP monitoring utilities. I’m using LibreNMS in this article.

    There are more advanced solutions which might require more configuration or advanced systems, but you could run a very lightweight virtual machine to handle the load of either NMS.

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