SNMP Monitoring your Synology device

You can gain valuable information from your Synology device with SNMP and a system such as OpenNMS or LibreNMS. I use NMS to monitor my switches, servers, and other critical infrastucture to keep an eye on everything in one place.


Here is how I enabled SNMP polling of my Synology DS416play:


Go To Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP

Click “SNMP” tab at the top of the window:

Check “Enable SNMP Service”

And populate your desired community string/device information.

For example I am using SNMP 1/2vc with community name TYLERMADECOMM and I have filled out some device information:


Reading the metrics:

After I added my NAS to LibreNMS, I let the NMS collect statistics for a few hours. Here are some of the metrics you can see:

Device and Traffic Information:

CPU, RAM, and Storage metrics:

HDD Temperatures, Fan status, Disk satus, RAID status, power status:

And it will even trigger a warning when there is an upgrade available for DSM

Thanks for reading!

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