Easy SSL for ScreenConnect with NGINX Reverse Proxy

On the topic of NGINX Reverse Proxy, it just so happens that the process for installing an SSL certificate onto your ScreenConnect server can be rather difficult, and a much more flexible approach is by using NGINX over SSL to reverse-proxy to the ScreenConnect instance. This is how you can do it yourself. Modify ScreenConnect settings: To begin, we should change the port that ScreenConnect listens on for incoming web connections. This is so NGINX can use ports 80 and 443. On Linux, screen connect is in installed to /opt/screenconnect/ Open…

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How to install NGINX, get a free SSL certificate, and configure a reverse proxy (part one)

This is part one of a two-part series for using NGINX as a reverse proxy for microservices on the same server or hosted on other servers/ports Click here for part two. In this article, we will: Install NGINX Install LetsEncrypt CertBot Obtain free SSL certificate Configure NGINX for SSL In part two, we will go over how to turn the basic HTTPS encrypted NGINX site into a reverse proxy for your other services. Installing NGINX and CertBot Auto We are using Ubuntu 14.04.5 Download certbot-auto to the /usr/local/sbin directory

Make sure…

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