Upgrading the size of an Azure Virtual Machine

Increasing the size/resources of a VM in your own environment is usually pretty straightforward. You’ll know whether or not you can hot-add resources; if you have to reboot the machine or not, etc. and it’s probably a familiar interface such as VMWare, Hyper-V, or a KVM or similar hypervisors. I know that my first time resizing a VM in Azure, I had some questions that I couldn’t exactly look up. I basically just wanted to see the process through before I performed the re-sizing in production. The main reason I…

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This Virtual Private Server for $2.50 per month is too good to ignore.

Earlier this year I wrote an article comparing three major cloud hosting providers. I ended up concluding that one of the three had the best offering and that was Vultr. You’ll probably see banners for Vultr around my site; that’s my referral link. I still highly recommend them. On a side note, Vultr just increased the amount of RAM you get with the $5/mo package to 1024MB (1GB) …much better! Anyways! Now i’m seeing this $2.50/mo package. You get 1 CPU and 512MB of RAM. 500GB of transfer.   They…

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Save time uploading to Amazon Cloud Drive by enabling concurrent uploads

A lot of people have the Amazon Cloud Drive software running on a home computer. The upload speeds can be pretty mediocre, and by default you’re only uploading one file at a time. But what about servers with higher-throughput internet connections? I installed the software on a cloud server and wanted it to upload data faster… These uploads to Amazon Cloud Drive are generally slow from anywhere, but you can  upload more than one file simultaneously to improve transfer time by an estimated 4x. Honestly I would recommend this so…

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How to: Fix acd_cli ERROR: sqlite3.DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed

I was using acd_cli, mounted to my file system last night, and picked up today to finish up. I navigated to the directory I mount ACD in and listed the contents.

Only to see an error that I haven’t seen yet (in my experience with ACD_CLI.) I thought maybe the mount went bad. It was throwing an  error when I tried to mount the file system again:

Since the local cache could be corrupt, let’s go ahead and clear it: Your cache directory should be .cache in your…

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Cloud Hosting: Digital Ocean vs Vultr vs Linode

It’s probably not a hot debate, but among popular cloud hosting providers Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode, what you get for your dollar really varies. I’ve taken three popular cloud hosting providers (based upon my opinions and experience) and compared them to determine which service I might utilize for standard cloud VM deployment. Not only do the immediate offerings matter (such as resources and prices) but datacenter location and flexibility of working within a provider’s environment is also extremely important. Part One: Plans/Packages Digital Ocean: With Digital Ocean, $5/month will get you 1…

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