Save time uploading to Amazon Cloud Drive by enabling concurrent uploads

A lot of people have the Amazon Cloud Drive software running on a home computer. The upload speeds can be pretty mediocre, and by default you’re only uploading one file at a time. But what about servers with higher-throughput internet connections? I installed the software on a cloud server and wanted it to upload data faster… These uploads to Amazon Cloud Drive are generally slow from anywhere, but you can ¬†upload more than one file simultaneously to improve transfer time by an estimated 4x. Honestly I would recommend this so…

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Amazon Cloud Drive Sync clients for Windows and Mac now available for download

I don’t know about you, but my impression of Amazon Cloud Drive has always been somewhat negative due to the fact that you couldn’t sync the files with your PC after you uploaded them. I mean, this completely defeated the purpose of having that type of storage for a lot of people. Normal sync clients like Dropbox and even OwnCloud were proven better solutions than an account with Amazon Cloud Drive with Unlimited storage.   Last time I checked, the Amazon-provided Cloud Drive client for Windows would only let you…

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How to: Fix acd_cli ERROR: sqlite3.DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed

I was using acd_cli, mounted to my file system last night, and picked up today to finish up. I navigated to the directory I mount ACD in and listed the contents.

Only to see an error that I haven’t seen yet (in my experience with ACD_CLI.) I thought maybe the mount went bad. It was throwing an ¬†error when I tried to mount the file system again:

Since the local cache could be corrupt, let’s go ahead and clear it: Your cache directory should be .cache in your…

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