Powershell script to create “kiosk mode” shortcuts in bulk, quickly, from a CSV.

This is a PowerShell script I wrote because a Teacher needed full-screen shortcuts for a long list of web games for her students.

How do I use it?

To use, simply modify the CSV with a list of names and URLs to sites that you want the shortcuts to be created for.

The input.csv file will be loaded by the powershell script when you execute it

  • for each entry, powershell will run function Create-Shortcut{}


Behind the scenes, shortcuts are being created for Google Chrome with the --kiosk argument to launch the web-browser shortcut in full-screen mode wherein you’ll have to Alt+F$ or CTRL-W to get out of it.

  • Rather than limit yourself to “Kiosk Mode”, you can change the -kiosk argument to many different switches supported in Chrome. There’s a list of -disable Chrome startup switches that can block plug-ins, content, or features you don’t want, like:




Blog Posthttp://tylermade.net/2016/12/22/create-full-screen-kiosk-mode-shortcuts-to-websites-in-google-chrome-using-powershell/



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