This might seem like a no-brainer… I guess the UI is just a bit misleading, I don’t know. I wanted to erase my freenas disks, but I guess “detach volume” didn’t sound convincing enough?
Anyways, this is new for me because usually I’m worried about losing my data and avoid wiping out volumes like the plague. Today, I’m wiping out a FreeNAS 9.10 server to re-purpose. I wanted to rebuild the array for better performance.

It’s very simple to (willfully) destroy a volume in FreeNAS:

Log In to FreeNAS

Navigate to Storage

Select the volume(s) composed of the disks you want to erase. 

Hit “detach volume”

Destroy Data

This part I wasn’t anticipating in my clicking around, but here is where FreeNAS asks you about wiping the disks or not.

Check “mark the disks as new (destroy data)”

Hit yes


Congratulations, all your data is gone. 

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