I was using acd_cli,

mounted to my file system last night, and picked up today to finish up.

I navigated to the directory I mount ACD in and listed the contents.

Only to see an error that I haven’t seen yet (in my experience with ACD_CLI.)

I thought maybe the mount went bad.

It was throwing an  error when I tried to mount the file system again:

Since the local cache could be corrupt, let’s go ahead and clear it:

Your cache directory should be .cache in your home profile.

nodes.db is our database cache.

Then we can run our sync again

You should see “Getting Changes…”:

Wait for this to complete

take note of any errors, possibly sync another time, and go ahead and try your mount.


All better!

This will bring our SQLite database back to normal due to any corruption and allow us to mount ACD and continue to use ACD_CLI



Some causes of corruption:

  • Mounting ACD to filesystem, reading/writing to the drive via the mount and also synchronizing the drive with the local cache.
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