With all of the recent data breaches, online security is (and has been) becoming a growing concern.

If you aren’t aware, hundreds of major breaches have been publicized, and who knows how many smaller breaches are going unnoticed each day?

With the “have I been pwned” website, you can both view a list of pwned websites (websites which have been breached and data compromised) and also check your e-mail addresses and online usernames to see if they were included in any of those breaches.

What if I’ve been pwned?!

How you use this information is up to you. There are a few general recommendations I would have, though:

  • Don’t use that password anymore
  • Don’t use that username anymore

With email address, you should change the password to the account and enable two-factor authentication of some sort.

If personal information has been compromised such as account numbers, credit card  information, and hopefully not social security  number, it would be your decision on how to handle the breach. This is on a case by case basis, depending on that data was leaked and when.

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